Drivewyze is the nation's largest and fastest growing weigh station bypass service.

Save time, money and weigh station hassles - without a transponder. Watch the video to see how it works!

Drivewyze is the largest bypass program in America

Drivers can bypass scales between 50% to 98% of the time, depending on your carrier safety score.

Better bypass rates than any other program

Drivewyze provides bypasses at over 600 sites in 41 states. New sites and states are being added all the time!

Endorsed by the state trucking associations and the ATA

No pre-qualification required

It's easy, drivers can start their 90 day free trial today. No pesky paperwork, no transponder. Download the app and get bypassing!

Drivewyze has obtained permission from state law enforcement agencies to provide weigh station and inspection site bypasses to truckers.

“The first thing I do when I jump into my truck is turn on the Drivewyze app, it really is a time and stress saver. It's the best money I can spend - just a couple of bypasses per month pays for the service. ”

Marty Lester
Professional Trucker for 10 years


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In cooperation with the Kentucky Trucking Association, Drivewyze is pleased to offer you a free 90 day trial of Drivewyze PreClear!

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