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A New Way to Bypass Weigh Stations

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Save Time & Money - Affordable Single and Multi State Plans

Fewer Inspections - Save time, money, and get home faster

Driver Privacy - No driver tracking

No Transponder - Safe, hands-free operation on tablets & smartphones

More Sites - Bypass at mobile inspection sites

More Coverage - Available in 16 states and is the only bypass service in ME, MN, NH, NV, PA, RI, VT

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Drivewyze and NORPASS have announced a partnership and a special bypass offer for all current NORPASS users.

Sign up for Drivewyze PreClear and get:

  • First 60 days free
  • PLUS an additional 2 months half price

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Supported tablet and smartphone devices include: iPad & iPhone iOS5 and higher, Android 2.2 and higher, and BlackBerry OS5 and higher.

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