On-time and safe delivery

Save time. No more lost loads

Proven results for food shippers

Bypass over 900 sites in 47 States and Provinces. 

Help drivers avoid incidents with proactive alerts about real-time road conditions. 

Save time skipping the scales, avoid incidents with timely alerts.

Deliver perishable cargo in time, saving money and resources.

Cumberland Farms saved over $6,000 in 3 months.

Foodliner/Questliner’s saved driver time, and reduced driver turnover.

In the food and beverage industry, everything depends on smooth transportation along the supply chain. Delays due to mandatory stops, bad weather and congestion, lead to spoilage and contamination, and ultimately, lost freight loads.

Cumberland Farms saved over $6,000 in operating costs, 280 Gallons of fuel and 3 tons of CO2 in 3 months.

Foodliner/Questliner made the switch and improved driver retention 

"Drivewyze has been a win-win, for both the company and our drivers"

-Tim Stueck, CFO

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