“Its cost-effective for owner-operators who are battling a nickel and dime situation on a daily basis. Saves me time and money.  I highly recommend it!”

Greg C.
Owner Operator

Now over 200 Sites

Drivers and owner operators have the choice of two plans:

  • Single State Plan for $7.99/month per truck
  • Multi State Plan for $12.99/month per truck.

Get started to see how you can save on time and fuel!

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Driver Privacy - No driver tracking

No Transponder - safe hands-free operation on tablets & smartphones

Fewer Inspections - Save time, save money, and get home faster

More Sites - Both fixed weigh stations and mobile inspection sites

Save Time and Money - Affordable Single and Multi State plans

More Coverage - The only bypass service in Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont

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Drivewyze PreClear: A New Way to Bypass Weigh Stations

Bypass weigh stations? Get home faster? We think you'll enjoy weigh station bypass thanks to Drivewyze PreClear, but try it for yourself. It's free!

Download the free Drivewyze app below and use it in "Preview Mode" to see which sites along your route you could bypass.

Or if you want to bypass right away, fill in the form on the right and take advantage of a one-month risk-free trial.

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