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Bypass Restrictions

Where can you receive bypasses?

Please be aware, some states have specific bypass restrictions. In this case, drivers must ignore bypass commands and pull in.


Drivewyze provides bypasses in 44 states and provinces. If you'd like to view specific states or sites, click the map below to view the live coverage map.

Learn More

To learn more about how Drivewyze works, watch the video below.

Drivers must always follow safe driver practices and never follow in cab signals if doing so poses a risk to safe driving.
Always be prepared to report to inspection sites; this includes moving safely into the lane nearest the eventual weigh station exit. If a driving instruction is delayed, always choose to exit  safely rather than wait for an instruction.


How It Works: At Drivewyze Sites

Over 750 sites participate in the Drivewyze Bypass Program.

You will receive 2-mile and 1-mile heads up notifications, indicated by a blue banner, at these sites.

At these Drivewyze sites you will receive one of three instructions:

Bypass Granted 

You may bypass the site

Bypass Not Granted

Pull into site unless closed

Follow Road Signs

Bypass instruction given on electronic sign

Drivewyze Online User Guide

At Non-Drivewyze Sites

Sites not participating in the Drivewyze Bypass Program give the following notifications.

2-mile and 1-mile heads up notifications with no blue banner.

You will then receive a follow road signs instruction.

Using Drivewyze with a Transponder

If you are using a bypass transponder supported by the site you will receive the following instruction

Recall Last Notification

If you are ever requested to show your most recent Drivewyze instruction, tap on the Drivewyze logo on your home screen to bring up the Most Recent Instruction given

Florida Ag Inspection Station

If your fleet has opted into the Florida Ag bypass program, you may receive a conditional bypass. You can bypass unless you are hauling: agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture, livestock, or refrigerated units.


Bypass requests only submit license plate, VIN, and USDOT. Driver information is NOT shared. Bypass event logs are not certified for speed enforcement and cannot be used to issue speeding tickets.



User Guide

Switching from PrePass?

The main differences between Drivewyze and PrePass are:

Heads Up Notifications at 1,200 sites

No Heads Up Notifications


Bypasses at nearly 700 fixed & mobile sites


Bypasses at 310 fixed sites

Bypasses available in 42 states


Bypasses in 31 states

Drivers that switch to drivewyze get 35% more bypasses on average!

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